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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Natural Hair Oil

1. Protects Hair from Heat Damage.

Heat drying and styling damage hair. By covering it with a protective layer of oil, your hair is defended from heat damage.

2. Strengthens hair.

Natural hair oil increases hair elasticity thus making it less prone to breakage.

3. Keeps hair moisturized.

Hair Oil creates a barrier that prevents strands from losing moisture. It also helps keep frizz at bay. Oils moisturize hair inside out which keeps hair strong and shiny despite daily aggressors like wind, dust and dirt. 

4. Promotes Hair Growth.

Oils hydrate and strengthen hair which prevents breakage. This may help your hair grow more quickly. 

5. Provides Natural UV Protection.

Plant phenols found in natural hair oils have the power to prevent and even sometimes reverse the harmful effects of UV radiation on the hair. Some oils provide more than 30% protection to your hair. 

How Does ASAMI Premium Hair Oil Works?

The oils used in ASAMI are avocado, argan, jojoba and apricot.


Each one of them has a powerful positive effect on the hair and combined together, they provide shine, strength, protection and improve hair growth. Argan oil protects hair from daily aggressors, pure jojoba oil improves hair strength and reduces breakage. Avocado oil stimulates blood flow, thus decreasing hair loss, while apricot oil improves hair growth. 

All of those oils combined together in ASAMI Premium Hair Oil provide everything you need to keep your hair perfect.


Natural Ingredients For Superior Results


ASAMI Premium Hair Oil is an 100% natural alchemy made from high quality vegetable oils to nourish and deeply hydrate every strand of hair and combined with an astonishing French-perfume scent.


More about ASAMI Premium Hair Oil:

Revitalizes exhausted and damaged hair, leaving it full of life and strength. Its special formula transforms the hair into soft, nourished, restored and filled with shine.  


Benefits of ASAMI Premium Hair Oil

This ASAMI product awakens the beauty and strength hidden in every hair. Daily heat drying or styling, dry hair, breakage will all be in the past thanks to ASAMI Premium Hair Oil.


It is phataltes-, parabens- and sulfates-free. Because of that it provides not only short term results, but provides the best possible hair care in the long term.


ASAMI Premium Hair Oil will:


 Provides Immediate Nourishment, Smoothing and Long-Lasting Anti-Tangling Effect


Makes the Hair Ultra Smooth and Soft, Easy to Style and Full of Shine


Gives Luxurious Vibes, Without Aggravation


Prolongs the Color of Colored Hair


Reduces Hair Drying Time Up To 40-50% Thus Reducing the Damage to the Hair


It Is Immediate Absorbed


Gives UV Protection


It Has Unique Fragrance


How to use ASAMI Premium Hair Oil?


Frequently Asked Questions


Is ASAMI Hair Oil suitable for all hair types?

Absolutely. Every hair type can benefit from our hair oil. It is created to provide just the right amount of hydration and nutrition without weighing down your strands.


Does ASAMI hair oil contain fragrance?

ASAMI Hair Oil has a light orange oil scent.


When to expect visible results from using ASAMI Hair Oil?

The process begins immediately and the results are enhanced with each successive application.


Is ASAMI Hair Oil suitable for colored hair?

Not only is it suitable for coloured hair, but it also helps color last longer. 


Is the ASAMI Hair Oil suitable for both men and women?

Yes, our research shows that ASAMI provides excellent results for both men and women.





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